Fenn Kayaks Swordfish Surf Ski

Designed specifically for the intermediate paddler, the Fenn Swordfish is super stable along with top end speed, filling the void between the shorter Fenn XT and longer Fenn Elite ocean racing skis. New features include adjustable pedals set on vertical runners to suit all size paddlers and a seatwell that is smaller than the XT with a snug and deep fit. From the sharp nose, a bold ridge runs down the centre of the hull to just behind the seatwell, providing straight handling and tracking, as well as helping the ski hold its line on runs and when surfing. The high volume shape around the feet flattens to provide a base underneath the paddler continuing into the tail section, contributing to its greater stability. The Swordfish’s turning and handling is superb, giving the ski a real feeling of agility, coupled with a reassuring stability and steadiness.


Length 6.1m
Width 45 cm
Fiberglass 17.5 kg (RRP $2,600)
Vacuum Fiberglass 14.5 kg (RRP $3,100)
Hybrid 12.5 kg (RRP $3,500)
Carbon 10.5 kg (RRP $4,200)
Colours White


  • Adjustable footrest system and self bailers
  • Curved cutaway at the paddle entry-point with curved black seam line
  • Four Compositions available – Fiberglass, Vac Glass (vacuum bagged fibreglass), Hybrid (vacuum bagged fibreglass/carbon) & Carbon (vacuum bagged carbon)