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Get ready for spring paddling on Pittwater

Spring weather makes us all want to head outdoors and whether you look for fitness, social activity or connecting with nature, the conditions are ideal for paddling on Pittwater. Paddlecraft has helped all types of paddlers to get out on the water and our vision is to get people to choose their own type of paddling with the right equipment they need.


As many new paddlers are unsure about paddling on their own, joining a paddling group or social club is often a great way to start paddling more regularly and safely. Why exercise inside when you can paddle a kayak on Pittwater for fitness and fun? Check out more information on choosing the right type of kayak to start paddling, as well as, info on our paddling clubs here.


Or you may be looking for someplace new to discover! Only an hour outside of Sydney, explore Pittwater, Sydney’s other harbour, known mostly by the locals. Read more about our favorite paddling places and how to sign up for our tours or hire here.


Are you looking for a new fitness challenge this spring? Nothing beats the Olympic sport of kayaking for ramping up your fitness. We provide group instruction on flat water and ocean paddling and also can help you get fitted with the right surf skis and equipment. Don’t delay anymore and find out how to get out training here.


What does being in Pittwater do for you? For Paddlecraft, a Pittwater experience can mean many things to our different customers but we always find everyone comes back happy and satisfied and want to do it again soon! 

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