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The sooner you paddle the new Ocean Surf Ski the better!

Have you been working to improve your paddling but feel like you haven’t seen any significant change? Hitting a training plateau even after putting extra time and effort on the water is very common for many paddlers. In order to break away from that pattern, either an equipment or training change is usually required. However, with so many skis on the market, it is difficult to find one that really delivers a different performance to each paddler.



Our new Ocean Surf skis, with their innovative, state of the art design has really gotten the surf ski community talking. These skis have just come into stock and it may just be the new technology that will take you to the next level.


The Ocean Surf skis, designed by Umberto Felci, are an exceptional combination of naval architecture, high quality material and detailing. This has resulted in a distinctive hybrid reverse bow hull design that offers stability without sacrificing speed in any paddling conditions for paddlers of all levels. The OSS ‘s nose pushes the bow out of the water through the volume in the lower part and doesn’t “dive” as other skis do on the wave. The rudder position is positioned further along the ski to reduce water resistance allowing the long, thin rudder form to steer in flat and surf conditions. These skis have also upended the stability vs performance argument, by combining flattened areas on the ski hull with the hybrid bow design for a fast yet stable ski ride.

If it is time for you to upgrade your ski and ensure greater performance from your paddling, or if you just want to make sure that the ski you purchase will not hold you back from any challenging water conditions, then book in for your free demo paddle of our new Ocean Series OSS surf skis. 


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