Personal Flotation Devices

Personal Flotation Devices

For sale in Sydney's Northern Beaches, our Personal Flotation Devices, commonly referred to as PFD’s, are an essential safety item for all paddlers getting on the water. For adults and kids, we stock PFDs suitable for a wide range of water sports and waterways, in all sizes, as well as, specialty jackets designed to accommodate ladies and fishermen. Check out the new changes in NSW regulations.

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Ultra Gorge PFD

Our most popular model, the Ultra Gorge personal floatation device is exceptional value with Ripstop fabric, adjustable shoulders and sides, heavy duty zip and secure pockets.

$129.00 / unit(s)

Ultra Rewa PFD

Available in 4 colours and designed particularly for women, the Ultra Rewa personal flotation device has buoyancy where you need it and less foam in the bust area.

$129.00 / unit(s)

Mocke PFD

The Mocke Racer PFD, made for the competitive athlete looking to gain that extra edge, and designed and tested by world class paddlers! 

$179.00 / unit(s)

Vaikobi Hi Vis Personal Flotation Device

Lightweight and highly functional PFD, the Vaikobi Hi Vis personal flotation device provides maximum freedom of movement than most PFDs.

From $159.99 / unit(s)

Burke L100 Kids PFD

The Burke L100 Children Personal flotation device, a multi purpose Type 2 PFD, is a slim fitting, comfortable and lightweight PFD

$89.95 / unit(s)

Ultra Raider Kids PFD

A premier L100 / Type 1 PFD, the Ultra Raider personal flotation device, is full of great features

$89.00 / unit(s)

Palm Meander PFD

The newest design for a Woman's PFDs, the Palm Meander personal flotation device is a European designed entry level touring PFD.

$119.00 / unit(s)

Palm Kids Quest PFD

Safe‚ simple and great value‚ the Palm Kid's Quest PFD has a new slimline cut

$79.00 / unit(s)

Zhik P2 PFD

The new Zhik P2 Personal Flotation Device is an innovative design with a Type 50 rating, and an ultra light and slim buoyancy fit.

$199.95 / unit(s)

Vaikobi Hi Vis Personal Flotation Device

New for women paddlers, this lightweight & highly functional PFD, the Vaikobi Hi Vis Personal Flotation Device is lighter and more visible

$169.99 / unit(s)

Vaikobi Performance PFD

The new Vaikobi Performance personal flotation device is a streamlined PFD model that keeps all the trusted Vaikobi detailing and fit.

$149.00 / unit(s)

Palm Meander PFD

An innovative European PFD design, the Men's Palm Meander personal flotation device is an entry level touring PFD with great design features.

$119.00 / unit(s)