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Ultra Blade PFD

A budget paddling vest, the Ultra Blade personal flotation device is high in features with the internal belt system and adjustable shoulders

$59.00 / unit(s)
SALE $79.00

Ultra Gorge PFD

Our most popular model, the Ultra Gorge personal floatation device is exceptional value with Ripstop fabric, adjustable shoulders and sides, heavy duty zip and secure pockets.

$129.00 / unit(s)

Ultra Rewa PFD

Available in 4 colours and designed particularly for women, the Ultra Rewa personal flotation device has buoyancy where you need it and less foam in the bust area.

$129.00 / unit(s)

Mocke PFD

The Mocke Racer PFD, made for the competitive athlete looking to gain that extra edge, and designed and tested by world class paddlers! 

$179.00 / unit(s)

Vaikobi Hi Vis Personal Flotation Device

Lightweight and highly functional PFD, the Vaikobi Hi Vis personal flotation device provides maximum freedom of movement than most PFDs.

From $159.99 / unit(s)

Palm Peyto PFD

The Palm Peyto PFD, a premiere European design with subtle curves and eye catching colours

$109.00 / unit(s)
SALE $189.00

Palm Meander PFD

The newest design for a Woman's PFDs, the Palm Meander personal flotation device is a European designed entry level touring PFD.

$119.00 / unit(s)

Zhik P2 PFD

The new Zhik P2 Personal Flotation Device is an innovative design with a Type 50 rating, and an ultra light and slim buoyancy fit.

$199.95 / unit(s)

Vaikobi Hi Vis Personal Flotation Device

New for women paddlers, this lightweight & highly functional PFD, the Vaikobi Hi Vis Personal Flotation Device is lighter and more visible

$159.99 / unit(s)

Vaikobi Performance PFD

The new Vaikobi Performance personal flotation device is a streamlined PFD model that keeps all the trusted Vaikobi detailing and fit.

$149.00 / unit(s)