Sea to Summit Ultra Flex Bootie

$49.95 / unit(s)
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Customer ratings for Sea to Summit Ultra Flex Bootie

Number of ratings: 2
Average rating: 5
from on 14/08/2017
Great value booties that keep your feet warm on long paddles whilst giving good underfoot protection.
Sizes come up really small though, so if you're a UK size 11 you need an XXL.
5 star for light, comfortable and secure fit
from on 30/07/2016
I wanted a pair of light weight booties for my wildwater race boat. Shoes that are easy to put on, and are secure enough, with the velcro straps, that they don't come off my heels when paddling hard (using legs). The sole gives me confidence when walking across wet rocks, both because it has a good tread (which, granted may wear down fairly quickly, only time will tell) and you can still feel what is under your feet. They are probably not suited to lots of bush bashing for portages, but great for getting to and from a river in normal conditions. They dry quickly and keep a surprising amount of water out when you are paddling around in the water. I used them in my river running kayak as well and they don't come off my heels when I am getting out of my boat - this is something that has happened quite a lot with shoe style booties in the past. Being light weight, it will be interesting to see how long they actually last!

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