Whispbar Saddle Roller Kayak Carrier

$349.00 / unit(s)
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The Whispbar Saddle Roller Kayak Carriers combine side and rear load assist features in a stunningly low profile design. The wings of the Saddle Roller Kayak Carrier fold down flat against your crossbars for a sleek, clean look and minimal drag when not in use. Integrated rollers on the base and wings of the carrier make loading your kayak from the back of your vehicle especially easy. The fold down wings eliminate the need to lift your boat up and over the side of the cradle, making loading your ski from the side easier. Simply slide your kayak on from the side and raise the wings. Attaching directly to the top T-Slot on Whispbar and other aerodynamic crossbars with Whispbar's new QuickDock mounting system the QuickDock technology enables an extremely fast, tool-free installation and removal with rock-solid stability. Additional adapters are included to fit other bar profiles.

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